How to boost and use user-generated content in marketing?

Running your social media presence on the internet is a must for

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Running your social media presence on the internet is a must for any business, but what else can you do to increase the content quality and engagement rate? An integrated marketing campaign should include an effective user-generated content strategy in various channels to promote brand awareness.

User-generated content (also known as UGC) is a form of content created by online users featuring your brand and published on social media platforms. It comes in different forms, including images, videos, text, and reviews. UGC can provide a reliable source for other potential customers to learn more about your products and service. And hence, it is loved by many brands and consumers themselves.

Not only can it impact the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), such as engagement rate and click-through rate, it can build brand loyalty by turning any ordinary customer into an advocate for your brand. Interested to know how you can achieve this? Let’s check out the list below.


Influencer seedings

If you are looking for cost-effective UGC, KOL seeding is undoubtedly on the list to reach a big audience group through giving out freebies. Barter trade is common when engaging micro-influencers with a reach below 10K. Identify specific influencers that are leaders in the same field as your brand and share a similar demographic that your brand can align with. In most cases, an established brand will attract many small influencers who actively seek collaboration and sponsorship. This way, your brand will save thousands of dollars on TV commercials and advertisements.


Design a social campaign

There is a great deal of content in social media storms. A creative campaign that can draw engagement and attention is needed to stand out. There are numerous ways to create a campaign, from giveaway posts to review contests. If you are running out of ideas, refer to well-known brands with years of experience running campaigns.

Design a campaign that tells your audience what authentic content you want. Guide your followers on creating organic content for your brand and propose a unique hashtag to mark the campaign activities. During the campaign, you might even be able to identify new consumer trends in the brand that you have not discovered before.


Host a special event

A physical event with macro-influencers and celebrities can scale up your UGC quality and volume if you want something that creates more noise than a campaign. Face-to-face interaction is undoubtedly something that we miss after the pandemic. Launching an event with new products or directions will build an impactful milestone for your brand. Inviting your loyal customers to the event and interacting closely with them will provide insights into your brand that you never thought about previously. Remember to send them home with goodie bags that guarantee more UGC.


Feature UGC on the website

How do you make use of all the Insta-fame at once?

Apart from sharing on the Instagram story, you can feature the post on your website. There are countless social wall service providers to promote social interaction on the site. It aggregates all social media posts featuring your brand or hashtags. Some even can stream UGC from different sources to fully utilize all the content. Content that mentions the campaigns or events can build brand awareness and take authenticity to the next level.


Take UGC as an opportunity to interact with your target audience and build diverse content creation for your brand and community.

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