Applied Science

We provide clients with deep insights that allow them to understand what works (and what doesn’t) for their multi-channel marketing positioning. Our ability to diagnose and predict data patterns allows us to propose strategies that deliver marketing goals to not only achieve but also exceed sales targets.

In more specific terms, we leverage behavioral analytics to boost and optimize communication positioning performance and achieve the ROI our clients hire us to deliver.

Our approach

As we progressively learn data patterns, we focus on people and what drives them to behave in certain ways. We put humans first while understanding that data is the result, not the means of what we are after.

Deep insights, better results with behavioral analytics

Traditional analytics only provide a partial perspective that is often solely based on demographic information. However, behavioral analytics offer insight into nuanced segmentation. As we follow the latter, we achieve better and more relevant business results.

Fearless decisions

The results speak for themselves. As human behaviors are put on paper, clear decisions can be made in favor of increased performance. We deliver bigger wins and eliminate underperforming obstacles that get in the way of success.

Ask us anything

With access to every consumer action on your communication channels, we can answer any question and provide an assessment based on any criteria. Then we can turn our insights into marketing strategies that deliver specifically targeted objectives.

Dig deeper into your data with our help for the insight you’d love to have.

Clear reporting for humans by humans

We understand that our clients are humans who need to be talked to like humans in order to comprehend their data complexities and that the process of delivering these insights is more than a job. Our data consultants are highly trusted confidants who on a timely and regular basis deliver needed peace of mind.